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invest in coca cola This website is tailored specifically for marathoners and those who want to become marathoners. We therefore offer 100% marathon focused content; training information for both experienced runners and beginners, health and nutrition, races and race strategies, injuries and injury prevention, running equipment such as shoes, watches, heart-rate monitors, and so on.

Our aim is to provide practical and easy-to-apply information on running and preparations to run marathons through selected articles from, an online community that provides forums for sharing experiences, questions, insights, ideas and concerns for marathon runners.
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Would you like to run a marathon?

Can you imagine running a marathon within six months even if you are way too heavy, don't have any running experience and you can't even run for two miles? Probably not... But it's true. Even if you can't even run for two miles straight it is possible that you can do it! Here's the story.

A guy named Eelco from Holland was way too heavy for his whole life. He just wasn't succeeding in anything and he had the feeling that he had to accomplish something. He was feeling terrible, but then suddenly he decided the next thing:

He decided to run a marathon. And he did it!

This was two years ago and he has now finished two marathons. Simply sign up for his mailing list on and he will reveal his biggest secrets for free. He even provides you with a free running schedule for a 5k run, a half marathon and a full marathon schedule.
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Why do some runners consistently out-perform others, while also making their training and racing look so easy -- while you try just about everything possible to improve your own performance, only to side-step any much anticipated gains in results or feel?

If you could read just one report on how to effectively turn your body into a well-oiled 'running machine', this would have to be it. Whether you are a novice or a dedicated marathoner... with 'The Complete Runner', you could be about to learn the most often overlooked truth about how to train and run to the best of your ability.
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